Recording – Travelogue


We’re just finished recording another album; it’s called Travelogue.

A Travelogue describes the experience of a traveler, often in images.


We recorded at Stovepipe Studios with Matt Walker and Rowan Matthews.


We prefer to record a live performance, preserving the human sounds of fingers on fret boards, breath and squeaky chair. It means it isn’t perfect, it feels more important to sound real in these times of heavily processed sound.


If you close your eyes we are sitting in the room with you, just two people playing music and singing.

photos thanks to Matt Walker
photos thanks to Matt Walker

We recorded 16 songs over a day and a half, with no overdubs.


It’s important to find the right studio for the songs. Matt and Rowan immediately understood what we were looking for. It is challenging to record a live performance in a studio environment but they were up for it. For those of you who have never recorded, it’s important to have nice clean recordings of each instrument/ voice without anything spilling over into it, which is very hard with a live recording when the room is filled with sound. With the help of some really lovely microphones and their technical know how they caught our performances beautifully with very little “cross contamination”.Recording25

photo thanks to Matt Walker
photo thanks to Matt Walker


After recording the songs all the tracks are mixed together – it’s a process……..

Recording27are we there yet?

photo thanks to Chris Taylor
photo thanks to Chris Taylor

Very soon we’ll have an album to share with you all – till then here’s a track from it we recorded by our friend Chris – “Coming Home”.


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