“Estelle” – Live at the Harrietville Caravan Park!

We recently traveled to Harrietville for GAP – the Great Alpine Pick. We stayed in the most excellent on-site caravan. It was so terribly awesome that we filmed some videos there.




It had an autumnal burnt orange vibe that absolutely matched the beautiful Autumn weather.


I fell in love with it and took WAY too many photographs of it’s 1970’s splendor.


I particularly loved the bedside lamp.



“Estelle”  is a song we wrote a few years ago and with the encouragement of our Goddaughter we dusted her off and added another verse. We recorded it recently and it will appear on our new album ‘Travelogue’ – which you can preview here.

CoverAndDiscWebTravelogue on Soundcloud

A classic folk song about share house living that tells the true, but sad story of Estelle, who owns only a few photos and a stained t-shirt as a result of her last few houses having burned down.

“Estelle” – Live at the Harrietville Caravan Park!

One of the reasons that we named our album ‘Travelogue’ is that we like to travel &    I always take photographs as we go……. Here are some from that journey


IMG_6275Bonnie Doon

IMG_6380Mt Hotham

IMG_6383Mt Hotham

all photographs taken in April 2016 by J. Land – instagram

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