What are our listeners saying about the new album?

Great reviews are awesome and we’re always grateful when a publication/website/blog takes the time to review our work but it’s the opinions of our listeners that ROCK our world – you’re the folks who come and see us play, support our work with your hard earned cash and keep us doing what we do! Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.

What are our listeners saying about “The Long Journey Home”?

“It is everything I hoped for. A brilliant selection of songs, lot’s of original pieces, and a great example of authentic production. In other words, it faithfully reproduces my experience of these artists as performers and has captured their music perfectly. Sitting firmly in top position for my album of the year.”

“I just love listening to you guys beautiful harmonies and love your originals Brilliant thank you so much…… Fabulous CD .”

“Your beautiful songs, harmonies and melodies fill my heart with happiness and let it dance away the cobwebs and reclaim my home. The home in my heart.”

“If you love (authentic) ‘Blue Grass’ the recent album is a must. Incredible instrumentals and brilliant vocals. Close your eyes and you’re deep in the Smokey Mountains. Well done, brilliant.”


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