Slim Dime are an acoustic duo featuring old-time mountain sounds, seamless harmonies and some mighty-fine pickin’. They make music that sounds as though it’s always existed somewhere on a mountaintop.

Their material is both original songs and traditional songs made new. They reference the old time and bluegrass repertoire and write original compositions with mesmerising story telling and precise musicianship with a broad emotional range. It’s music that makes you lean in and listen.

New Album out now

Purchase The Long Journey Home – link to our store – choose the purveyor of your choice or email us on slimdime(at)gmail.com to purchase a CD

Praise for The Long Journey Home

“This album is a wonderful collection of music, songs and sounds all assembled by an incredibly talented duo.. Slim Dime’s musicianship is flawless, it is stunning and leaves you wanting more – Encore. Congratulations on a truly remarkable composition.” Greg McGrath, Australian Bluegrass Blog

“On their brand-new release The Long Journey Home, the duo presents a sixteen track collection which features beautiful arrangements, sweet and nuanced harmonies as well as a large dose of old-time country authenticity.” Rob Dickens, Listening Through The Lens

“this is music for the literate Hillbilly” – CD Baby

“They also doff their hats to traditions and they clearly know and appreciate their musical antecedents…..  Her voice is melodious and his playing very accomplished, making their work look effortless as do the best performers.   The harmonies are sweet and nuanced, like the A.P. Carter vocal drift to and from the microphone that they use.”

Live Review Mountaingrass 2018 – Listening Through the Lens

“Slim Dime is a set of contradictions. It’s a 21st-century urban Australian hip duo whose musical choices are anachronistic & old-fashioned. Its instrumental work is simple yet produces alarmingly brilliant flashes. Sure, Jen & Chris have chemistry on stage but it’s reined in tight-until suddenly, passionately, it’s not. Contradictions.

There’s a line Slim Dime tread when performing the sentimental and simplistic songs of the old-time repertoire; too straight and it would be cloying, too hip and it would be disrespectful. To make their live performances perfect would require only an audio overlay of the crackle, scratch, and clicks from an old 78 record. Or, you could do it in your head as you watch.”

 Australian Bluegrass Legend – Leonard Cohen – 2017

“the arrangements and performances are utterly engaging and, because of the nature of the material, altogether timeless.” – Leicester Bangs

“Slim Dime treat songs with utmost respect, and the listener is the beneficiary.” – Jolene – Country Music Blog

At Mountaingrass 2018 – Photo thanks to Jim Jacob

Slim Dime are Jen Land on acoustic tenor guitar and vocals and Chris Taylor on acoustic guitar, banjo and vocals.

Jen Land’s voice tells stories with nuance and emotion. Chris Taylor’s playing is intelligent and idiosyncratic. The songs talk of lives lived and lessons learned, of sorrows and of loss, but there is redemption too, and even joy. They journey through a country and folk music landscape of mountain shadows and careworn folks and beauty found in unlikely places.

At BUg 2017 – Brisbane Unplugged Gigs – photo thanks to Lynne Brown

Winner of the 2017 Peninsula Folk Club Songwriters Competition for “Tea for two”

‘Mary Jane’ included on the ABOTMA Women in Stringband Music Compilation CD – 2017

At Kelly Country Pick 2016 – photo thanks to Ian Fisk

Slim Dime are as comfortable on a Festival stage or sit-down venue as they are in a Pub or Bar.

Festival appearances include:

Mountaingrass Festival of Bluegrass & Old Time Music, Cygnet Folk Festival, Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival, The Kelly Country Pick, The Great Alpine Pick, Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival, Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention, Guildford Banjo Jamboree, Mount Beauty Music Festival, Happy Wanderer Festival and Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival.

Travelogue, their second album, journeys through a country and folk music landscape of mountain shadows and careworn folks and beauty found in unlikely places. There is coming home and there is leaving. The production is understated and warm and real.

Recorded by Matt Walker and Rowan Matthews at Stovepipe Studios, produced by Matt Walker and mastered at Deluxe Mastering by Adam Dempsy. All 13 songs were recorded live by a collection of beautiful vintage microphones.All Slim Dime music is available through iTunes & CD Baby. Click here for Slim Dime store.

Head here for a list of upcoming and previous shows.

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At Mountaingrass - photo thanks to Ian Fisk
At Mountaingrass – photo thanks to Ian Fisk

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