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“That Ole Train”

audio track from video – available on Bandcamp
That Ole Train on You Tube
Filmed by Peg Leg Productions.
Director of Photography – Joshua Collings.
Sound Production & Mix – Matt Walker & Rowan Matthews.

“Jump Up Jimmy Creek”

audio track from video – available on Bandcamp
Jump Up Jimmy Creek on You Tube
Filmed by Peg Leg Productions.
Director of Photography – Joshua Collings.
Sound Production & Mix – Matt Walker & Rowan Matthews.

“I’m a Stranger in this Town”

audio track from video – available on Bandcamp
I’m a Stranger in This Town on You Tube
Filmed by Peg Leg Productions.
Director of Photography – Joshua Collings.
Sound Production & Mix – Matt Walker & Rowan Matthews.

Women in Stringbands Project

Featuring ‘Mary Jane’ by Slim Dime.

Celebrating women in string bands in Australia and those who collaborate and support them. Women are underrepresented in music in Australia. ABOTMA seeks to promote the participation of Australian female musicians and to inspire more women to participate and perform in playing acoustic string band music. This CD compilation comprises songs and tunes featuring Australian women playing music rooted in bluegrass, old time acoustic string music and other related folk styles. This CD was made possible by the generosity of the Folk Alliance of Australia, ABOTMA, Alexander Bell Sound Studios and all artists involved.

Available on CD Baby

Travelogue – released 2016

CD Baby – Travelogue on CD Baby

iTunes – Travelogue on iTunes

Bandcamp – Travelogue on Bandcamp

Hold Fast – released 2013

CD Baby – Hold Fast on CD Baby

iTunes – Hold Fast on iTunes

Bandcamp – Hold Fast on Bandcamp

Yes Sir – Slim Dime & The Prairie Kings released 2014

CD Baby – Yes Sir on CD Baby

iTunes – Yes Sir on iTunes

Bandcamp – Yes Sir on Bandcamp

Hillbilly Salad – Slim Dime & The Prairie Kings released 2013

Bandcamp – Hillbilly Salad on Bandcamp

photo thanks to Chris Rickard
Reviews & Praise

New Album out now – The Long Journey Home

“This album is a wonderful collection of music, songs and sounds all assembled by an incredibly talented duo.. Slim Dime’s musicianship is flawless, it is stunning and leaves you wanting more – Encore. Congratulations on a truly remarkable composition.” Greg McGrath, Australian Bluegrass Blog

“On their brand-new release The Long Journey Home, the duo presents a sixteen track collection which features beautiful arrangements, sweet and nuanced harmonies as well as a large dose of old-time country authenticity.” Rob Dickens, Listening Through The Lens

“They also doff their hats to traditions and they clearly know and appreciate their musical antecedents…..  Her voice is melodious and his playing very accomplished, making their work look effortless as do the best performers.   The harmonies are sweet and nuanced, like the A.P. Carter vocal drift to and from the microphone that they use.  They coped well with a broken guitar string early in the set as well.”

Live Review – Mountaingrass 2018 – Listening Through the Lens

Winner – J. Land – 2017 Peninsula Folk Club Songwriters Competition for “Tea for two”

“Slim Dime is a set of contradictions. It’s a 21st-century urban Australian hip duo whose musical choices are anachronistic & old-fashioned. Its instrumental work is simple yet produces alarmingly brilliant flashes. Sure, Jen & Chris have chemistry on stage but it’s reined in tight-until suddenly, passionately, it’s not. Contradictions.

There’s a line Slim Dime tread when performing the sentimental and simplistic songs of the old-time repertoire; too straight and it would be cloying, too hip and it would be disrespectful. To make their live performances perfect would require only an audio overlay of the crackle, scratch, and clicks from an old 78 record. Or, you could do it in your head as you watch.”

Australian Bluegrass Legend – Leonard Cohen

“Slim Dime at The Fox 18/7/2013
Wife and husband duo Slim Dime do old timey country folk and blues, in the vein of Gillian Welch and special microphones. Not much more to say except they’re brilliant and it’s beautiful………………”
Live Review from K J Alverez
julian wu lifeproject

“……………..these recordings were independently made, and they exemplify the best of their kind. They also offer a simplicity of production that honours the songs  – the tracks are not overlaid with more instruments than they need in order to make the sound ‘bigger’ for radio, which is obviously a concern for record companies. Thus we see why independent recordings suit country music so well: in a genre where songwriting is held in such high esteem, the most outstanding recordings are those that recognise that. Slim Dime treat songs with utmost respect, and the listener is the beneficiary. Plus, I could listen to Jen Land’s voice for days.”

Jolene: The Country Music Blog

Review of Hold Fast
“the arrangements and performances are utterly engaging and, because of the nature of the material, altogether timeless. The mix of old songs and original material comes together as a seamless whole and Land sings with a voice that seems steeped in 70 years of back porch, mountain song craft.
Recorded by candlelight (which sounds like a health and safety nightmare), the combination of atmosphere, presentation and themes makes “Hold Fast” a pleasure from beginning to end; and very much an album experience rather than a collection of songs.”
Leicester Bangs Review Hold Fast

“There is something inherently appealing about Slim Dime and the Prairie Kings, and that appeal starts with Slim’s voice: it’s sassy, it’s rich and rolling, and it makes you want to sit up and pay attention. And once you’re paying attention, you may as well get up and dance, because that’s what the Prairie Kings’ music makes you want to do. “

Jolene: The Country Music Blog – Yes Sir

Unpaved 50 best Albums 2013 – Slim Dime & The Prairie Kings Hillbilly Salad

Unpaved Best 50 – 2013

photo thanks to Mark Broadhead