We’re excited to announce the release of our new album – “The Long Journey Home”.

We had been writing material around the theme of “Home” for a couple of years and had planned to release a double album – an album of originals and an album of covers/traditional songs. The global COVID-19 pandemic hit and like everyone our plans changed……. With the loss of all our gigs, very suddenly we had to reassess what we could afford. With everyone self-isolating at home the meaning of “home” changed too, for us all.

Over the last few years we have been incredibly lucky to find a community of people who have welcomed us – it felt like a homecoming. Although we love Bluegrass and Old Time Music, the music we make is neither of those genres.

We recorded with Mark Woods, in his lovely home studio late 2019 and early 2020, the last session was in-between lock downs. The recordings capture our live performance style – Bluegrass style around a condenser microphone, improvisational lead guitar from Chris and stripped back, acoustic arrangements. We had a huge list of possible material – poor Mark! The songs that are on this album are the ones that we performed best, the ones that fit together best, and the ones that were ready to come home.

Home is where the heart is, home is our safe place, home is where we all get to be most ourselves. We all use the phrase “at home’ to describe feeling comfortable or at peace. In Gospel music home is where we are reunited with our loved ones at the end of our life journey. For us it has been a long journey to find a place that we can call home, both as musicians and as people.

So here we are, just two people, playing acoustic instruments, and singing about the stuff we think about a lot, death, loss, connection, human experience – from our home to yours,

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our lovely home

we stayed in gorgeous Maldon when we recorded – thank you Graeme!

I know, but creepy good right?

We even recorded at a home studio – thank you Mark – you’re awesome!

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