“Shady Grove” – Spring Sessions


Shady Grove” is a lovely Bluegrass standard, which many really great musicians have done versions of.  One of our favourites would have to be Doc Watson’s.

Video still from "Shady Grove"
Video still from “Shady Grove”

Link to wikipedia entry on “Shady Grove

We recently enlisted the help of our friend Chris to film us playing a few of our favourite cover songs/standards. All these clips were recorded with a Nikon D90 – the sound quality is pretty good considering we’re outside!

Video Still from "Shady Grove"
Video Still from “Shady Grove”

We don’t make a huge fuss about our guitars but we get asked a lot what we play. Jen plays a Martin LXM  tenor guitar and Chris plays a Martin D00-18V acoustic guitar. Neither have pick ups – all acoustic!

Video Still from "Shady Grove"
Video Still from “Shady Grove”

So here’s a link to our version of “Shady Grove” – hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy playing it!

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