Great reviews are awesome and we’re always grateful when a publication/website/blog takes the time to review our work but it’s the opinions of our listeners that ROCK our world – you’re the folks who come and see us play, support our work with your hard earned cash and keep us doing what we do! Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.

What are our listeners saying about “The Long Journey Home”?

“It is everything I hoped for. A brilliant selection of songs, lot’s of original pieces, and a great example of authentic production. In other words, it faithfully reproduces my experience of these artists as performers and has captured their music perfectly. Sitting firmly in top position for my album of the year.”

“I just love listening to you guys beautiful harmonies and love your originals Brilliant thank you so much…… Fabulous CD .”

“Your beautiful songs, harmonies and melodies fill my heart with happiness and let it dance away the cobwebs and reclaim my home. The home in my heart.”

“If you love (authentic) ‘Blue Grass’ the recent album is a must. Incredible instrumentals and brilliant vocals. Close your eyes and you’re deep in the Smokey Mountains. Well done, brilliant.”

We’re excited to announce the release of our new album – “The Long Journey Home”.

We had been writing material around the theme of “Home” for a couple of years and had planned to release a double album – an album of originals and an album of covers/traditional songs. The global COVID-19 pandemic hit and like everyone our plans changed……. With the loss of all our gigs, very suddenly we had to reassess what we could afford. With everyone self-isolating at home the meaning of “home” changed too, for us all.

Over the last few years we have been incredibly lucky to find a community of people who have welcomed us – it felt like a homecoming. Although we love Bluegrass and Old Time Music, the music we make is neither of those genres.

We recorded with Mark Woods, in his lovely home studio late 2019 and early 2020, the last session was in-between lock downs. The recordings capture our live performance style – Bluegrass style around a condenser microphone, improvisational lead guitar from Chris and stripped back, acoustic arrangements. We had a huge list of possible material – poor Mark! The songs that are on this album are the ones that we performed best, the ones that fit together best, and the ones that were ready to come home.

Home is where the heart is, home is our safe place, home is where we all get to be most ourselves. We all use the phrase “at home’ to describe feeling comfortable or at peace. In Gospel music home is where we are reunited with our loved ones at the end of our life journey. For us it has been a long journey to find a place that we can call home, both as musicians and as people.

So here we are, just two people, playing acoustic instruments, and singing about the stuff we think about a lot, death, loss, connection, human experience – from our home to yours,

Thanks from

Jen & Chris

Slim Dime

nifty reviews from kind folks

Australian Bluegrass Blog – thank you Greg McGrath

Listening Through the Lens – thank you Rob Dickens

some folks appreciate lyrics (because you asked so nicely Eryn) – we do too – that’s why we write ’em – link to lyrics

Purchase The Long Journey Home – link to our store – choose the purveyor of your choice or email us on slimdime(at) to purchase a CD

Thanks to Mark Woods, Heath, Tom & Andrea, Paul, Lou, Mark, Gage & Mae, Christina & Garry, Graeme & Lynn, Mark, Belinda, Andrew & the MPA folks, everyone who has come to hear us play
& given us awesome hugs.

some folks like photos – we do too – have to say it because Jen takes a lot of ’em

our lovely home

we stayed in gorgeous Maldon when we recorded – thank you Graeme!

I know, but creepy good right?

We even recorded at a home studio – thank you Mark – you’re awesome!

Mark Woods Audio

It’s been an epic year of gigs and Festivals – thank you to everyone who came along to our shows, bought our music and gave us hugs! We’ve both hit the end of the year feeling very blessed, grateful for a wonderful year and looking forward to shows next year after a good rest.

Slim Dime
Mountaingrass 2018 – photo thanks to Ian Fisk

Slim Dime
Kelly Country – Photo thanks to Ian Fisk

Slim Dime
Spirit of Tassie!

We had a fantastic time in Tasmania in April, and with a little help from our friends some great shows.

Princess Pier, port Melbourne.

View from hilltop near Moina, Tasmania

Tasmania is astoundingly beautiful, everywhere we went was a pleasure, the food gorgeous and the folk were welcoming and kind.

Campbell Town, Tasmania.

Our first gig was to record a Live to air – with C.C. Thornley from the most splendid band The Black Swans of Trespass on Hobart’s Edge Radio 99.3 FM– on his weekly show, The Naked Folks. We are blessed to have good friends, Christina Chiavassa was kind enough to organise our mini-tour for us and we loved playing at Bright Eyes at The Brooke Street Pier – great venue and wonderful listening audience.

Snug, Tasmania

We played a great show in gorgeous Cygnet at The Red Velvet Lounge, a lovely cafe/bar/restaurant. We were so pleased to be received so warmly by the locals who hear some truly world class music at the annual Cygnet Folk Festival.

Everywhere we go I (Jen) takes photos, which began as a part of our last album, a photographic Travelogue – photos here on instagram. A incredible highlight this year was a 2500km round trip to White Cliffs in NSW for the White Cliffs Music Festival. For the first time we felt as if we were seeing Australia, the red dirt country. It was alive with wildlife. Big sky. Extraordinary.

Slim Dime

Slim Dime

Slim Dime

We staying in an amazing house that was a retired opal mine, underground. We had the penthouse suite, above ground, an eyrie….. Thank you Anne Baker for your incredible Festival! Playing our Gospel songs in the tiny stone church in Whitecliffs was extraordinary, that it was a part of a service about Elvis’ deep love and appreciation for Gospel Music featuring an Elvis Impersonator in full Vegas white jumpsuit mode was…….. Royden Donohue has the most gorgeous voice and an audible love for the King.

Slim Dime

Slim Dime

Although we were only away for a week it felt like years had passed, it was a live changing experience.

A few local standout gigs, a support for our most excellent friend Teresa Dixon to launch her beautiful album “Bass Straight”, Rezza House Concerts invited us to support the amazing Western Australians Belle Harvey & Helen Townsend. We also discovered a nifty new bar in Castlemaine – The Taproom at Shedshaker Brewery, thank you to Steve Charman for his interview on his show “Open Tuning” on Main FM. It’s always a pleasure to play at our old local, Oscar’s Alehouse, with old friends The Burning Bridges and new friends Flying Home. Festival Season is always a blast and the Kelly Country Pick is a cracker – thanks Peter Hisco for another brilliant year.

Rezza House Concert with Belle Harvey & Helen Townsend

Slim Dime

Slim Dime
Pack your bags we’re off to Kelly Country!

Slim Dime
Kelly Country Pick 2018 – Photo thanks to Ian Fisk

The Priory is a great place to stay & Beechworth is beautiful. We stayed up late and picked ’til it hurt! oh boy, did it hurt…….

Slim Dime
Beautiful Beechworth

Slim Dime
The Priory

The Guildford Banjo Jamboree is a crackerjack pick, we had a ball. Thank you Jeanette Gillespie for another fantastic year! Castlemaine is a favourite place of ours to visit.

Slim Dime

Slim Dime

We played at our first Uranquinty Folk Festival this year and really enjoyed this laid back little festival. Thanks to Peter Hood! Then we traveled to Kinglake for the Foggy Mountain Music Festival. We had a great time jamming all day and night, it’s a lovely festival and we always enjoy heading to Kinglake. Thank you Mark, Brad and Sarah for all your hard work! The best part of a good Festival is staying up all night and havin’ a pick with other musicians. It has been an amazing gift meeting so many awesome players to hang out with.

Slim Dime

Slim Dime
Quinty Folk Festival – fire side jams

Slim Dime
Foggy Mountain Music Festival

Mountaingrass is always a highlight of our year, we stayed in posher digs than we are accustomed! The weekend was a great success, a new venue for Mountaingrass meant that it had a lovely air of excitement and anticipation. The lovely gardens of May Day Hills were in full bloom, the air perfumed and  honeyed. Although it did play havoc with the sinuses it looked glorious. We were extremely lucky to receive a great live review from Listening Through the Lens – thank you to Rob Dickens and Jim Jacob for the photograph. Thanks to the Mountaingrass crew for an amazing effort – special thanks to Evan, Helen & Susan.

Slim Dime
Mountaingrass 2018 – Photo thanks to Jim Jacob

“They also doff their hats to traditions and they clearly know and appreciate their musical antecedents………. Her voice is melodious and his playing very accomplished, making their work look effortless as do the best performers. The harmonies are sweet and nuanced, like the A.P. Carter vocal drift to and from the microphone that they use.” – Rob Dickens – Listening Through the Lens

Slim Dime
The Chapel was by far our favourite venue with gorgeous acoustics

Slim Dime
The Linnaker Hotel was the accommodation for the nursing staff when May Day Hills was a “Lunatic Asylum”


so, another fantastic year and with a little help from our friends next year is lookin’ pretty awesome too… with plans to record again and some tasty gigs booked already!

We’re off to lovely Tasmania – but before we do we’ve got a special gig at Mountain Pickers – hope to see y’all there

Slim Dime
At BUg 2017 – Brisbane Unplugged Gigs – photo thanks to Lynne Brown


Mountain Pickers Association

Ferntree Gully Bowling Club – 2A Glenfern Rd , Ferntree Gully

For Table Bookings ring – 9753 5888

Members – $10  Non Members – $15 Concession – $12

Feature Act – Last Tuesday Club Night

April 24th from 7pm

Slim Dime

We love Tasmania, the last time we were in Tassie was for the Cygnet Folk Festival last year.

For all you Taswegian Folks a list of our upcoming shows follows. Special thanks to Christina for organising all these awesome shows for us – with a little help from our friends…….

“I’m A Stranger in This Town” original song by Slim Dime. Filmed by Peg Leg Productions.
Director of Photography – Joshua Collings. Camera A – Joshua Collings. Camera B – Tristan Pierce. Post Production – Joshua Collings.
Sound Production & Mix – Stovepipe Studios – Matt Walker & Rowan Matthews.

Live to air- with C.C. Thornley

Edge Radio 99.3 FM- The Naked Folks

Airs – Friday 27th April 6pm

 Bright Eyes – Hobart – Tasmania

Friday 27th April 6-8 pm

Slim Dime
Red Velvet Lounge – cygnet – Tasmania

Saturday 28th April

doors open & dinner from 6pm

to book a table phone – 6295 0730

music from 7-9:30pm

$10 at the door

Bright Eyes– Hobart – Tasmania

Sunday 29th April 4-6 pm

Live at the Wharf – ulverstone – Tasmania

The Gnomon Pavilion at the Wharf, Ulverstone, Tasmania

Friday 4th May 5:30 – 7:30pm $5 donation entry

“Jump Up Jimmy Creek” original song by Slim Dime. Filmed by Peg Leg Productions.
Director of Photography – Joshua Collings. Camera A – Joshua Collings. Camera B – Tristan Pierce. Post Production – Joshua Collings.
Sound Production & Mix – Stovepipe Studios – Matt Walker & Rowan Matthews.

Slim Dime

Slim DimeIt’s the end of a great year for us – and with the help of our friends we’ve done some amazing things and been to some gorgeous places. We recorded some videos with Pegleg Productions that have come up a treat! We’re really excited to share some of the new songs we’ve been writing.

“That Ole Train” original song by Slim Dime. Filmed by Peg Leg Productions.
Director of Photography – Joshua Collings. Camera A – Joshua Collings. Camera B – Tristan Pierce. Post Production – Joshua Collings.
Sound Production & Mix – Stovepipe Studios – Matt Walker & Rowan Matthews.


‘That Ole Train’ – is an original tune about the last great ride we all take. All aboard! Get ready for some yodelling……Huge thank you to Josh & Tristan from Pegleg Productions and Matt & Rowan from Stovepipe Studios.

“Jump Up Jimmy Creek” original song by Slim Dime. Filmed by Peg Leg Productions.
Director of Photography – Joshua Collings. Camera A – Joshua Collings. Camera B – Tristan Pierce. Post Production – Joshua Collings.
Sound Production & Mix – Stovepipe Studios – Matt Walker & Rowan Matthews.


‘Jump Up Jimmy Creek’ is a tune Chris wrote that includes some of the place names we’ve discovered on our travels – that ole Big Rig Mama’s rollin’ down the line. Again a huge thank you to Josh & Tristan from Pegleg Productions and Matt & Rowan from Stovepipe Studios. Cameo appearance from our cat Mazzie who approves every song before anyone else does – if she doesn’t like it, we won’t share it – she has impeccable  taste in music & we trust her judgement (we also call her the Folk Cat).

As we always say about our music – these songs are new, but sound as though they’ve always existed, somewhere on a mountaintop……

We headed to the Gippslands town of Yinnar,

as guests of the mighty Strzelecki Stringbusters in September – those boys know how how to have a good ole time!

The town of Yinnar has invested in some amazing public art – it’s fantastic to see a small town support the Arts!

home again jiggity-jig

In October we traveled to Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival in the lovely town of Kinglake.

Had a great weekend of pickin’ and came home tired but happy – lovely to catch up with old friends & make some new ones! The weather was a little wild but no-one’s spirits were dampened.

The cottage in Spring is lovely, gorgeous flowers, the grass was growing too fast to keep up with. It’s a bit ‘Fairy Tale Cottage’ up here on the hill………

It’s great to get booked for a private function & do somethin’ a little different, we played a wedding at Yarra Valley Estate which was a great night – lovely couple who requested banjar & liked our tattoos

The end of our year & a real highlight was Mountaingrass Bluegrass & Old Time Music Festival – it’s a great Festival & we felt really honoured to be invited to play there in the company of the world’s finest pickers.

More wild weather……… and gorgeous countryside…

Just managed to pitch the tent before the thunder started rollin’ in

As always the best thing about an excellent Festival is catching up with friends, havin’ a pick & meeting new people who love music.

photo thanks to Ian Fisk


We played ’til our fingers hurt! Some of the highlights for us were being included in the  “Purely Acoustic” Concert hosted by Tony O’Rourke alongside some of the best pickers in Australia and the CD Launch of the Women in Stringbands Project – we are so proud to have been included on a compilation with an amazing array of women who play in string bands in Australasia.

photo thanks to Ian Fisk


A safe journey home in startlingly bright (and warm) sunshine, exhausted, happy and sore.

To our little cabin on the hill

now we finish writing our next album and catch up on our sleep!



We love to travel and play in different places with different folk. Road trips are our kinda fun – Chris likes to drive and Jen likes to take photographs.

Slim Dime
Dadswells Bridge, Victoria

We’ve been very lucky over the last few months to be able to travel to some fantastic places, we live in a beautiful place and appreciate it all the more when we return after a road trip!

Slim Dime
Shoreham, Victoria

Slim Dime
Balnarring Beach, Victoria

It’s a real challenge to get a good photograph from a moving vehicle and very satisfying when it works well.

Slim Dime
Merton, Victoria

Kelly Country Pick 2017

The Kelly Country Pick is in beautiful Beechworth – always a real pleasure the visit a gorgeous town and have a pick with excellent musicians. KCP is all about the pickin’!

Kelly Country Pick 2017
Beechworth, Victoria

Slim Dime
Beechworth, Victoria

We had a great time, a perfect mix of pickin’ and performing.

Slim Dime
At Kelly Country Pick 2017 – photo thanks to Ian Fisk

beep beep!
Beechworth, Victoria

It’s lovely to live in a beautiful place – very inspiring, going away often inspires us to experience our area at home with fresh eyes.

Slim Dime
Point Leo, Victoria

We were very lucky to be invited to return to Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival this year- a great time and really great performers – we felt blessed to be in such excellent company!

Slim Dime
on the road to Adelaide – Horsham, Victoria

So we hit he road again – headed for South Australia.

Slim Dime
Kaniva, Victoria

Wirrina Cove is on the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula, a real pleasure to visit.

Slim Dime
Victor Harbour, South Australia

Despite some incredibly wild, wet and windy weather – we endured…..

Thanks to Lisa Martin for recording us on Sunday, in the wild windy tent! Jen was very ill all weekend with the flu but we endured! This is our version of the Ola Belle Reed song – I’ve Endured, which was inspired by South Australia’s own Cherry Pickers version of the same.

Slim Dime
Wirrina Cove, South Australia

It’s always a pleasure to jam with great musicians and Wirrina was no exception.

Slim Dime - Jen
At Wirrina 2017 – photo thanks to Ian Fisk


Slim Dime - Chris
At Wirrina 2017 – photo thanks to Ian Fisk

As usual the most intrepid Ian Fisk was there documenting both festivals. He has become a stalwart presence at most events.

Slim Dime
Wirrina Cover, South Australia

After a wild weekend of weather the sun peeped out briefly……..

Slim Dime
Stawell, Victoria

and the wild weather followed us home again.

Slim Dime
Point Leo, Victoria

for a fortnight of unusually cold weather all the way from Antarctica.

Slim Dime
Point Leo, Victoria

Which bought some fantastic clouds our way and some welcome rain.

Slim Dime
Balnarring Beach, Victoria

We headed north, but not too far to our first Guildford Banjo Jamboree.

Slim Dime
Bolte Bridge, Melbourne, Victoria

We had a fun banjo-centric set all prepared.

Slim Dime
Guildford, Victoria

We enjoyed playing with fine folk all weekend.

Slim Dime
Castlemaine, Victoria

And appreciated the gorgeous historic area.

Slim Dime
Guildford, Victoria

As always all photos by Jennifer Land unless otherwise credited

Jen on instagram

We’re in warmer climes for a few gigs in NSW & QLD – the longjohns are OFF and we have short sleeves ON! If you’re south of the big smoke check out the Illawarra Folk Club in Wollongong – we’ve got a support slot for Canberra based Humbug.

Illawarra Folk Club

City Diggers Club Wollongong82 Church St, Wollongong

with Humbug – doors open 7pm – music from 7:30pm

Members $20 | Non-Members $25 | Youth (12-16) $5 | Child (U12) free

Friday 7th July

Triple bill with The Ville Billies & Golden Whistler at nifty little watering hole Gasoline Pony, in Marrickville – they promise craft beers and boutique wines and hearty bar food  – sounds good to me!

poster thanks to Heather Davidson

Gasoline Pony

with The Ville Billies & Golden Whistler

Sunday 9th July from 5-8pm

Then north up to sunny Brisvegas to the awesome BUg – Brisbane Unplugged gigs – an acoustic institution!

BUG – Brisbane Unplugged Gigs

 New Farm Bowls Club 969 Brunswick St opposite New Farm Park

doors open 7pm – music from 7:30pm

Tuesday 11th July – Entry $10/$7 concession

Then an entire weekend of incredible music in Rappville – all the musicians will be there all weekend so there will be jams – most likely revelry and good times around the fire pit! Buses can be arranged from Casino and camping is available. Contact Jayne at The Rappville Pub for details – (02) 6661 7102.

Rappville Pub


A Whole Weekend of Wonderful Music

featuring Owl Valley Bluegrass Fri 14th & Watling & Bates Sun 16th

Sat 15th July

Hope to see you Northerners at a gig soon!

Here’s a few photos from the trip up……….

-5 degrees near Bonny Doon

Sunrise through the fog

Tarcutta NSW

Gundagai NSW

Gundagai NSW

Kiama NSW

Gundagai NSW

As always all photos and posters by Jennifer Land unless otherwise credited

Jen on instagram


Travelogue – Slim Dime released 2016

CD Baby – Travelogue on CD Baby

iTunes – Travelogue on iTunes

Bandcamp – Travelogue on Bandcamp


We’re heading to (R)Adelaide for a couple of shows in mid May – should be a hoot.  We’re teaming up with local bluegrass band – The Cherry Pickers for a night of mountain music mayhem at The Wheatsheaf Hotel on Friday 19th May.

We met The Pickers last year at The Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival and thought it might be fun to do a show together! They are an awesome group of musicians  and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed their CD “Hand Picked” that features some really excellent versions of Australian songs done in a bluegrass style.

poster thanks to Paul Cooper

We love to support and play on Community Radio whenever we can – it’s the forum that most supports the kind of music we make and it allows us to reach new people. We were very lucky to meet Andrew Bunney last year at our CD Launch and he has invited us to appear on his Radio Show – Freewheelin’ – on Three D Radio on Thursday 18th May from 9am. He’s requested some banjo so we’ll see what we can do!

We met Cheri Dean also last year at The Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival and she was kind enough to interview us on her show on 5 Triple Z out of McLaren Vale in South Australia. She has invited us to participate in a fund raising event with local musician Georgy Rochow. Silver Sands House Party – Saturday 20th May – Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.

Adelaide is Rad to visit – and you South Australian types can purchase our Cds at the most excellent store Mr V Music in Semaphore – worth a visit to get your top quality music fix!

see y’all there!

Banner2We have been very fortunate this year and have been accepted into some fantastic festivals! The best part of playing at a Festival is the opportunity to meet and jam with other fantastic players.

on the road again – Western Hwy SA

It also takes us to places we may not have traveled to otherwise. Here’s a wee Travelogue of the journey so far and a list the Festivals we’re playing 2016.

IMG_6275on the way to Great Alpine Pick at Bonny Doon

IMG_6380While at Great Alpine Pick – Mt Hotham IMG_6759While at Mt Beauty Music Festival

At Kelly Country Pick 2016 - photo thanks to Ian Fisk
At Kelly Country Pick 2016 – photo thanks to Ian Fisk

img_8359Lake Sambal in Beechworth while at Kelly Country Pick

img_8889At Second Valley while at Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival

img_8892At Lady Bay while at Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival

At Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival photo thanks to Ian Fisk

img_8888Rapid Bay while at Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival

Great Alpine Pick

Friday 15th April to Sunday 17th April 2016

Great Alpine Pick 2016

Mt Beauty Music Festival

Friday 29th April to Sunday 1st May 2016


Kelly Country Pick

19th August – 21st August

Kelly Country Pick - art by Howard RainsKelly Country Pick – art by Howard Rains

Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival

2nd – 4th September


Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival

14th – 16th October


Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival

21st – 23rd October


Happy Wanderer Festival

28th – 31st October


Cygnet Folk Festival

6th – 8th January


At Kelly Country Pick photo thanks to Ian Fisk

All photos by Jennifer Land unless otherwise credited

Jen on instagram

Banner2A travelogue is a record of a journey: an account of roads traveled and places visited.   This is a catalogue of stuff we’ve seen, heard and done. Some of the songs are old, written years ago but never recorded, some of them we wrote specifically for this album.


All of them were recorded live, with no overdubs. You can hear a chair creak, breathe and finger on fret board. Our songs are about being humans on the road of life.


It’s customary to “Launch” a new CD so we’d love to invite you to celebrate with us.

Oscar’s Alehouse – Sat 9th July

Some Velvet Morning – Sun 17th July – with support from The Stragglers

The Wheatsheaf Hotel – Adelaide – 16th September


We’ll be pluggin’ it on radio too over the week –

thanks to Denise Hylands and David Heard!

PBS – Acid Country with David Heard

3 – 5pm  Thurs 14th July

3RRR – Twang with Denise Hylands

2 – 4pm  Sat 16th July

Making a CD is a collaborative process and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that helped us on the road.


All 13 songs were recorded live by a collection of beautiful vintage microphones by Matt Walker and Rowan Matthews at Stovepipe Studios, the album was produced by Matt Walker and mastered at Deluxe Mastering by Adam Dempsey. Our current bio was penned by Elizabeth Williams.


If you want to buy a digital copy of the album please head here and follow the links to your preferred music purveyor. If you would like a physical disc, you old fashioned soul, please email us to arrange purchase. slimdime[@]

To listen to Travelogue go here.

At The BUg – photo thanks to Mal Lloyd

Folk ask about our lyrics – so here they are………….


Bony Flowers - Land/Williams/Taylor

Bony Flowers

flies a gypsy moth

her dusty wings have eyes

Bony Flowers is tall and lean

ancient,     old       and wise

Bony Flowers     snaps her gum

blows clouds that pop on her chin

she keeps loose change and feathers

pockets full of air      to keep them in

Bony Flowers and her gypsy moth

their bones have welded

their skin is patched ragged

their hearts       nearly melded

Leaves snail tracks,   plane trail

silver thread unwounding

over patch worked ground verdant green

velvet,        button            and pearl

Bony Flowers is a gypsy moth

dusty wings   clear eyes

one thousand feet and rising

that’s the way,     this story flies

I’m Satisfied – John Smith Hurt

I’m Satisfied, tickled too

old enough to marry you

I’m Satisfied, it’s gonna bring you back

First in the country, then in the town

I’m a total shaker from my naval on down

There was a time that she treated me fine

Send all them shivers up and down my spine

I pull my dress down to my knees

give my total all to whom ever I please

Bless my Soul what’s wrong with me?

I’m a shakin’ like a leaf on a fuzzy tree

I’m Satisfied, tickled too

old enough to marry you

I’m Satisfied, it’s gonna bring you back


Mary Jane - Land/Taylor

Oh Mary Jane

Tell me your game

What’s in a name

you’re still the same

I’ve nothin’ left to gain

My Mary Jane

Oh Mary Jane

leaving is the aim

escape without pain

slowly going sane

I’ve nothin’ left to say

My Mary Jane

Oh Mary Jane

I can hear the rain

on my window pane

running down my brain

time to break the chain

My Mary Jane

Oh Mary Jane

you can never be tamed

moving with the grain

unknown despite your fame

lost inside the frame

My Mary Jane

Oh Mary Jane

I’m so glad that you came

I was a little lame

in a lot of pain

now I’ve gone and changed

My Mary Jane

Oh Mary Jane

Farewell is the aim

leaving in the rain

solitude’s OK

thank you once again

My Mary Jane

In the Shadow of the Mountainside - Land/Taylor

In the shadow of the


cold as the grave

too late to save my


Surely it must be


whiskey in my veins

nicotine stains

on my fingers on my nails

and on my


Silence in the cold blue

morning light

alone in the pale

locked in the jail

of my


Bottomless well

deep in my soul

cup that never fills

bruise on the hills

iron in my chest

and in my arm

In the shadow of the


cold as the grave

too late to save my



Circling the Wagon - Land/Taylor

Estelle - Land/Taylor

The house was old

And falling down

Cockroaches crawled up out of the ground

She answered the ad

We needed her rent

It was my fault the money was spent

She was so thin

Ugly as sin

I know you shouldn’t judge - it’s only skin

She was using & I didn’t know

My flatmate did & asked her to go

Her last three houses burned right down

Up in flames burned to the ground

All she had left, all that she owned

Were four blurred photos & a stained t-shirt

I could’ve been sorry

I should’ve been sad

I was so young I didn’t care

She moved on

Went away

No-one was sorry that she didn’t stay

If I knew then

what I know now

You can’t go backwards anyhow

People come & People go

Some you don’t really get to know


I see you now - Land/Taylor

I’ve been watching you now

for the longest time

wondering who you are and

what goes on in your mind

I see you now

Haven’t slept well at night

in the longest time

wondering where you are now

and if you’re alright

If I could see you now

If I could see you right now

I’d apologise

I wasn’t thinking clearly when

I spoke my mind

If I could see you now

If you were here right now and

I could see your eyes

Then I’d know if you were smiling

or if you were crying

If I could see you now

I must have met you in a

thousand lives

you’re so familiar I feel

I know your eyes

I see you now

I’ve been watching you now

for the longest time

wondering who you are and

what goes on in your mind

I see you now

One Room - Land/Taylor

And the night comes rollin’ in

creepin’ up the valley walls

the chill creeps in my bones

as the darkness quietly falls

Do I see a blade

that yr holdin’ in yr fist?

Do I hear those words

from the lips that I have kissed?

And the wind begins to blow

howlin’ in the trees

yr not smilin’ now

as yr down there on yr knees

Darlin’ when I found you

like an angel from above

you & me we fit each other

tighter than a glove

And the flowers start to bloom

on the mountainside

the days are getting’ longer

and yr right there by my side

The promises we made

were golden in the light

sugar candy melting in the

sweetness of our height

And the nights are hot & close

the days are long & bright

I can’t see my edges anymore

in the night

When we went out dancin’

you held me oh so tight

but yr eyes they were roamin’

to the left & to the right

And the leaves begin to fall

all golden, red & bright

everything is falling apart

in my mind

You say that you love me

that I’m the only one

last time you were lyin’

so I gots me a gun

And the rain begins to fall

on the roof above my head

crimson tide is risin’

up the walls of my shed

The silence spreads in waves

unbroken in the night

the moon she rises slowly

up the dark blue mountainside

The Code of the Mountains - H. Taylor, K. Davis & P. McAdory

There’s a code of the mountains, way down in the backwoods

There’s a code of the mountains, and an unwritten law

There Harry and Joe Brown, way down in the backwoods

There Harry and Joe Brown, shot Charlie McGraw

They caught him at daybreak, way down in the backwoods

They caught him at daybreak, down on his knees

He pleaded for mercy, way down in the backwoods

He pleaded for mercy, but they heard not their pleas

Said Harry to Charlie, way down in the backwoods

Said Harry to Charlie, you thought you were sly

But the code of the mountains, way down in the backwoods

The code of the mountains, says you must die

He loaded his rifle, way in the backwoods

He loaded his rifle, Joe loaded up too

One shot and another, way down in the backwoods

One shot and another, and then it was through

They buried poor Charlie, way down in the backwoods

They buried poor Charlie, without any prayer

The code of the mountains, way down in the backwoods

The code of the mountains, is the only law there

Deep in the earth now, down in the backwoods

Deep in the earth now, lies Charlie McGraw

For the code of the mountains, way down in the backwoods

The code of the mountains is the unwritten law

The Leaving Song - Land/Taylor

Sally’s packing up the bar and callin’ out, “last drinks”,

washing all the dregs of beer and ciggies down the sink.

It’s the tail end of a long night, the kind that just won’t end.

The same old crowd of punters driving her right round the bend.

Sam’s still sitting at the bar, been sitting there all week.

His Mrs upped and left him after 13 angry years.

He shoulda seen it coming: he couldn’t be surprised.

Still he can’t forget the wounded look deep in her eyes

It’s something we all know

without having to be told

when it’s time to go

you’d better go

Em and John have been together now for 20 years,

stuck it out together through the heartbreak, laughs and tears.

Now she can’t remember, who it was she loved,

that happy young man that she married - vanished into dust.

They talk in different languages, lead their separate lives,

quiet daggers stabbed in backs using just their eyes.

Judy’s gonna stick it out, doesn’t wanna quit.

She’s gonna keep on hanging on to get her little bit.

She knows she’s bloody earned it, it’s her bloody due,

and if she doesn’t get it, well, maybe she’ll sue!



Lil Darlin - Land/Taylor

You have been by my side

for so long Lil’ Darlin’

You’re there in the morn and in the night

You have been by my side

for so long Lil’ Darlin’

My one, Lil’ Darlin’ my light

I will be with you

‘til the end Lil’ Darlin’

There in the dark and in the light

I will be with you

‘til the end Lil’ Darlin’

My one, Lil’ Darlin’ my light

I have walked by your side

so long Lil’ Darlin’

I can feel your hand in mine

You have been so long

by my side Lil’ Darlin’

My one, Lil’ Darlin’ my light

You are there when I close

my eyes Lil’ Darlin’

You’re there inside my heart

I have been so long

by your side Lil’ Darlin’

My one, Lil’ Darlin’ my light

Comin Home - Land/Taylor

Oh don’t you roam

Oh don’t you go

Oh don’t you roam

So doggonne far from home

Oh don’t you cry

Oh don’t you sigh

Oh don’t you cry

Until I’m dead and gone

Oh don’t you know

Oh where to go?

Oh don’t you know

This long and lonely road

Darlin don’t you cry

You’re the apple of my eye

Darlin don’t you cry

Until I’m dead and gone

Oh you must know

This hard and heavy load

Oh you must know

this long and dusty road

Oh all alone

Please help me find my home

Nowhere left to go

Lord, please let me go

Oh Lonesome Road

So lost and alone

Oh Lonesome Road

Lord, please bring him home

Oh Lonesome Road

So far from home

Oh Lonesome Road

Lord, I’m coming home


Lay Down My Ole Guitar - Land/Taylor

I am travelin’ down that road

leaving off my heavy load

havin’ journeyed long & hard

through near & far

I am not far now my dear

If you listen you will hear

as I lay

down my ole guitar

I will lay

down my ole guitar

and we’ll sing that ole song

one more time

come on round you

good ole friends

and we’ll sing ‘till the end

and then I’ll lay

down my ole guitar

I am weary let me rest

waitin’ for that final test

nothin’ left for me to do

for me to say

Can you hear our ole time band

Lord we travelled this wide land

can’t you hear the music

as it plays

I have done the best I can

I would do it all again

I have tried with all my heart

to keep the beat

I’d rather be your shot of whiskey

than be everyone’s cup of tea

you can pour me on now

I’ll take it neat

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